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Owner Director

Rav-Zuridan Yisrael, MA, CPP, EMT-B is the Owner and Director of Yisrael Educational Services.

His education includes a Master's degree and Graduate and Post-Graduate Certifications directly related to safety and security. Additionally, he has earned over a hundred (100) certifications in areas of Fire Safety, Security Management, Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement.

His work experience includes working with the New York Police Department, as a Director of Security for several organizations, as an Emergency Medical Technician and as an educator.

His teaching experience spans teaching Graduate Level college courses in Risk Management and Undergraduate Level college courses in Criminal Justice. Additionally, he has earned over a dozen teaching certifications from various sources. These sources include: NYS Department of Education, International Foundation for Protection Officers, American Red Cross, American Environmental Health & Safety, NYS Division of Criminal Justice, NYS Office of Homeland Security and the NYS Bureau of Educational Standards.

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